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The incredible energy of Marco Ossadnik, alias Bohemian Marco, found his valve with the start of the Rock Band "The Minderreaders" in 2001. Equiped with a versatile voice and his guitar, he found a great balance to his job. After some years and gigs (for example in Schwerin on the "Better Life Festival") the Band changed. Marco's lyrics changed from English to German as well as parts of the band. Therefore, it was decided to change the name of the band to "Projekt Pandora". The path of the Band led to new horizons. One important milestone was the video release of the song "Kleiner Wicht" in the legendary "Kaiserkeller" of the "Grosse Freiheit".   The new horizons the band discovered caused also a strong individual musical development of the Band members. The music became harder for the benefit of Marco as he also prefers Punk Rock and Metal.

After some years, the drummer of the band left and with the new member, the band decided that they want to go for a new start.  In 2008, the Band Turbolent was founded and exists until today. With the Rockband from Hamburg, Marco widened the activities up to the "Okepop Festival" in Houten close to Utrecht, (NL).

While all the band activities Marco developed his artistic existance. He discovered his love to acryl painting and also in the music he discovered new ways.  Marco's song ideas became more versatile and therefore, he started next to the band the solo project "Bohemian Marco". In 2019, Bohemian Marco started to write an adventure story for kids. From this moment on it was all crystal clear. The paintings, lyrics, poeams and the novel needed a home. But one step after another. The Box of Songideas was full and resulted in a new  musical milestone. The basis of course Rock Music but with brass and wood instruments. The result is his first Solo CD "Allerlei und Durcheinander". All Songs are written, arranged, and mixed by himself.

Finally he found a home and a common name for his art: Bohemian Marco. Bohemian because his art is like his nature. Carefree, gullible and unconventional. Every line, every word, every note and every brush stroke screams: Be individual, enjoy life in it's bright and dark moments and intensively enjoy them!1

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